Core Projects

In addition to the PoLAR Hub website, our partners developed a suite of novel educational activities and products to engage adult learners and inform public understanding of and response to climate change – learn more about our 8 projects here.

Players are challenged to protect the Arctic marine ecosystem from the effects of rapidly warming temperatures in this card game of strategy and survival.
Explore publicly crowd sourced voicemails about possible climate changed futures in this collaborative storytelling experience.
Teachers and lifelong learners dive into the science of climate change through online and in person courses.
Meet the people who live, work, and study in the polar regions through a series of audio programs.
How does ice in the Arctic and Antarctic affect global sea levels? Explore these connections in a data driven, map-based iPad app.
The Signs of the Land Camp: Reaching Arctic Communities Facing Climate Change blends Alaska Native knowledge and western climate science.
Through simulated role play, students learn about the opportunities and risks facing key stakeholders in a rapidly changing Arctic.
Challenge yourself and others in your social network to respond to climate change through real world, sustainable actions.