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Astronomy Simulations and Animations

JavaScript/HTML ports of the Flash originals, found here: (source files here:

Development guide

The original simulations are written in ActionScript 2.0. To open the .fla files, you’ll need an older version of Adobe Animate than the current version (19.1). You can download a trial version of Adobe Flash Professional CS4 here and open the .fla files with this. Also, Flash Professional CS6 can also open these files. Adobe doesn’t distribute Flash Professional anymore. The only way I’ve found to read the source files is by opening the .swf files in JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler .

To get to the code, go to Window -> Actions. The bottom-left panel should have the code hierarchy.

Here are instructions on how to develop and make changes to these simulations. If you’re using Windows, replace the forward slashes with back-slashes.

You can also use the npm run dev command if all you want to do is make a development build of a simulation without using webpack-dev-server. Three.js has an overview of this in How to run things locally. Both npm run dev and npm run serve watch the src/ directory for file changes.

Here are some blog posts I’ve made about these simulations:

There’s also the Conversion Guide that documents how to put together a new interactive.

Here are some links that may be helpful for development.