WORTH women on the road to health

women on the road to health

WORTH Transitions is a group-level intervention that is delivered through an e-book application for justice involved women. Its primary goal is to reduce sexual and drug risk behaviors, increase condom use, reduce IPV, and link women to HIV care, SUD treatment programs, and safety.

The WORTH Transitions app

The WORTH app can be downloaded and run offline. It provides a self-paced experience that complements the group-level work.

History of WORTH

WORTH Transitions was adapted from the original WORTH intervention (El-Bassel 2014) which has been added to the CDC's compendium of evidence-based intervention for researchers, policy decision makers, and prevention providers.


WORTH Transitions was developed by the Social Intervention Group at the Columbia School of Social Work and The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning, Rochester University and Yale University.

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