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Making competency mastery transparent for ourselves and our students.
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About the DLCC

The Digital Literacy Competency Calculator (DLCC) is a web-based tool for representing the connection between digital literacy competencies and the teaching and learning practices that produce them.
For more information, read our White Paper.

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Feature A

Customize your course description.

Feature B

Follow a visual hierarchy of standards-based competency mastery.

Feature C

Link to a pop-out icon page featuring a description of competency, standards source, mastery level targeted in the course, activity to demonstrate mastery, and time spent on mastery. Icons are standards-based and/or customizable.

Teaching with the DLCC

Three steps for helping your learners see exactly what is involved in mastering a digital skill, how a specific learning experience contributes to their mastery, and what they will be able to do to show mastery.
See our Digital Literacy Instructional Design Process to get started.

Step 1: Choose

To help you get started, we have identified, from our work with Columbia faculty, three different types of digital literacy frameworks that align well with higher education instructional settings and goals.

Framework Types

Step 2: Customize

This guided process will help you plan digital skills instruction based on the framework that is most appropriate for your instructional context.

Process Guide

Step 3: Publish

You can create a public, web-based representation of your digital skills instruction and share with our community.

Instruction Visualization

The DLCC in Action

Instructional Practices for Digital Humanities in History GR8975

Schnapp et al’s MIT Short Guide to Digital Humanities was adapted for What is a Book in the 21st Century? Working with Historical Texts in a Digital Environment (History GR8975) at Columbia University. This graduate-level course introduces students to techniques of working in digital environments as they work collectively to create a small scale digital edition of a 16th-century manuscript. Completing the framework was a collaborative effort between the Center for Teaching and Learning and the course team.

Access the DLCC for GR8975

Screenshot of DLCC for gr8975


The Digital Literacy Competency Calculator is part of the Digital Literacy for Instructional Practices Program at the Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning and Columbia University Libraries. Contributors to this project are: Lucy Appert, Jessica Brodsky, Susan Dreher, Amy Nurnberger, and Marc Raymond.
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